If you are in the business of producing an event, you know that the work does not end after the show is over! Once everyone has had a chance to come down off the high (or pain) from the event, we begin to discuss the good, bad, and ugly. If you have a passion to succeed in life, always take a minute to discover what you can learn from an experience.  Read More at Daily Venus Diva.Read More →

In my new DailyVenusDiva.com column Behind the (PLUS) Scenes, I give you a front row view of what happened behind the scenes at the Lavender’s Jungle Fashion Playhouse.  For all of the pictures taken, camera phone videos posted, social media comments, and blogs written, giving rave reviews about the show, being behind the scenes is glorious, but never glamorous! Read More at DailyVenusDiva.com.Read More →

I found this article on a website as I was preparing to teach a business marketing course.  The principles are so simple but yet many people do not think to do them.  Myself included !:-)  Although it may take some effort, set aside time to get these principles in place so you can start ringing in the money! Nicki LynchRead More →