in flu·enc·er n. Power to sway or affect based on prestige, wealth, ability, or position We invite you to join us for a celebration of dynamic women at our fourth annual InfluenceHER Awards. We are honored to create a platform for a distinguished circle of leaders, all of whom are blazing trails. These women inspire us to achieve greatness. The InfluenceHER Awards will honor five outstanding businesswomen and one exceptional leader of a corporation who’s earned recognition of excellence. By helping us celebrate these exemplary women, you are also making a contribution to the March of Dimes, North Fulton, where they are working together for strongerRead More →

The Behind the (PLUS) Scenes column is a 1st person narrative spotlighting the work of  PLUS Positive Founder, Nicki Lynch.   “If you are in the business of producing an event, you know that the work does not end after the show is over,” Nicki Lynch shares in her recent guest post on planning a PLUS Positive production.  She continues, “Once everyone has had a chance to come down off the high (or pain) from the event, we begin to discuss the good, bad, and ugly.” The Behind the (PLUS) Scenes series gives readers a front row view of what happens before, during and after producing anRead More →