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Marketing Content Creation

Your marketing efforts today are fueled entirely by having engaging content that is of use to your customer base and is easily found across social media, the search engines and elsewhere. This content tells your customers who you are and what your business stands for, which can help build trust with them over time. Knowing what topics to focus on, and how to craft readable material that drives action are important considerations to keep in mind when creating content. We can help your organization keep these elements in mind as we create content on your behalf that is aligned with your ongoing marketing goals.

If you are new to content marketing read our content marketing process.

The types of Content Nicki Lynch Consulting can create on your behalf include:

High Quality Web Page Content

High Quality Web Page ContentOur custom web content providers focus on creating beautiful, targeted, conversion-based websites that give you the leads you want and need—and reflect your business’ well-earned reputation for excellence.  While we do not create the websites themselves, we provide your designer with web content that is functional, scalable, easy to maintain, cross-browser compatible, and search-engine friendly.


Effective Product & Services Descriptions

Product-Review-PostsWith 3 in 5 Internet users purchasing products online, it’s vital that your product descriptions are sales-friendly.  Your product description has such a profound impact on your eCommerce sites SEO, rankings and even conversions and thus revenue. A product description is not simply a bulleted list of features, typically an eCommerce description is going to describe the product or usage scenarios of the product while also explaining the benefits of purchasing that product from your store.


Video Content Production

VideoBlogThe “Play” button is the most compelling action on the web.  Nicki Lynch Consulting can help you Connect with your Community by providing high quality content rich video production.  Video production can include corporate profiles, direct response videos, testimonials, product tutorials, branded entertainment and more.


Let’s Work Together!

Content Marketing Process

1. Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

Nicki Lynch will first start with a consultation to identify the best strategy to meet your goals.  During this consultation process we will:

  • Determine your audience and develop your brand persona
  • Conduct a content inventory and audit (if needed)
  • Identify your business goals

2.  Content Creation & Management

Before any writing begins we must first conduct a keyword research to determine what will best help achieve your goals and position your brand.  Once established, during this phase of the content creation we will:

  • Identify the appropriate website structure
  • Create content for a landing pages and/or site pages
  • Create your cornerstone content (content that should be consistent across various mediums)
  • Submit the content for your review and edits/tweaks

3.  Content Promotion

The old adage “If you build it they will come” has long since been refuted!  After the content is developed we need to let the world know you are here!  We will examine the best methods for content promotion including:

  • Owned Media – Social Media Management
  • Owned Media – Email Newsletter Management
  • Owned Media – Incorporated SEO
  • Earned Media – Targeted outreach & Link Building
  • Paid Media – Pay per click Advertising
  • Paid Media – Sponsored Promotions

4. Content Analytics & Improvement

How will we know if the content is achieving your goals unless we measure results and adjust?  After 30-90 days we can analyze the content to determine where we can adjust for maximum results.  This phase would include:

  • Google Analytics (Site Analytics) review
  • Goal Measurement
  • Progress Reporting
  • Cost Analysis for Paid media
  • Recommended adjustments

While not every stage and service is appropriate for every client, this should give some insight into our priorities and our approach to content marketing.

Let’s Work Together!