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Social Media Consulting

Nicki Lynch Consulting is here to work with you to create, maintain and promote Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and more. So whether your business could benefit from a massive Facebook promotion or simply a tweet every now and then, we know how to dig into the data and suggest the strategies that will work best for your bottom line. Measurable ROI is always the goal, we will show you how social media accounts can help generate revenue.

PromoteSocial Media Strategy

At the core of every social media marketing campaign is a strategy designed to drive traffic and increase sales, signups, subscriptions or any other goal your business may have. Many businesses waist valuable time and money jumping into social media without a plan.  We have a 4 step strategy that will help make sure we have identified the social media outlets that will help you interact with your target audience and bring maximum results!


QuestionAndAnswersReputation Management

Sometimes, clients are unhappy. It happens to every business. But knowing how to speak their language and make them happy again is what separates companies people hate from companies people love. Nicki Lynch Consulting can help you flip unhappy clients while increasing their loyalty and improving your brand image.




People like to win things. That much will never change. So it’s no wonder that contests and promotions can gain so much traction over social media. We know just how to craft a social media contest to help it get big, bringing you the traffic and clients your business needs.


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