Nicki Lynch educates, energizes and engages audiences by providing interactive workshops and seminars to help the message stick!  She customizes each presentation she gives, and will incorporate other elements of your function to connect with your mission.

Nicki Lynch speaking style is informative, inspiring, and personal. She has spoken to groups such as aspiring entrepreneurs, filmmakers, television producers, nonprofit organizations, book clubs, women’s organizations, chambers of commerce, teens, parents, and more.

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Business Marketing Speaking Topics

Nicki Lynch speaks about numerous topics, but the few that are most requested are:


Online Marketing: Utilizing Websites to Boost Sales

Does your website lack the core components that provide the impact needed to drive the consumer to action? A company website is a must-have in today’s Internet-driven economy. But while most companies have a website, few use them to their full potential to drive sales and revenue. This workshop will introduce an impactful internet marketing model that you can use to increase your sales and profits. It will also  help unravel the components needed to create an effective website for your small business.

Topics Include:

  • Developing a Complete Internet Strategy
  • Understanding the Components of a Website
  • How to choose a web development and hosting team
  • How to create effective web content and turn traffic into sales
  • Measuring Your website effectiveness through web analytics

Marketing Makeover – Develop a Strategy that Gets Results!

Is your business the world’s “Best Kept Secret”? Are you facing a marketing roadblock and can’t figure out how to reach more customers? Learn how to create and deliver an engaging brand experience that can increase sales and real customer value. Topics include:

  • How to Price for Profit & Prepare to Sell
  • How to identify your Product/Service features vs True Benefits to your customers
  • How to Develop your 3 Second Business Intro when meeting new Prospects
  • How to Grow Your Business by Rethinking Your Marketing

The goal is for you to leave this workshop armed with strategic advice and empowered to move your business forward!  At the end of this session, you will know how to: outline your marketing strategy, develop your marketing message, choose the right channel to maximize your customer reach, and exercise your marketing strategy.

Internet Marketing & Social Media for Business

Not sure how Internet Marketing can help your business? Skeptical about Social Media? This workshop is your best starting point to confront the myths and realities of Internet Marketing and understand how it can benefit your business.

Topics Include:

  • How to be Found Online
  • How to analyze your competitors’ websites
  • How to Drive Traffic using SEO vs. PPC
  • How to Market with Social Media
  • Leveraging Online Video in your business

Turn Ideas Into Income

Based on Nicki Lynch’s first book “Break Free Employee!”, this talk is about how your audience can increase their value to themselves and their organization by creating a personalized plan that takes them from where they are to where they want to be.

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